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Free Consultation & Trial Walk

We offer a free consultation in your own home where we meet your pets and discuss their needs.
  • This allows your furry friends to get to know us in the comfort of their own environment.
  • We assess your pets requirements and then from their tailor our service to suit.
  • Extra services such as the feeding of other animals and household requests can be discussed.
  • We will bring a registration form and contract along with us.

Free Trial walk

After the consultation we will go on a short local walk . We ask for yourselves to join us  so that we can look at your pooch's lead walking, socialisation and recall. From there we can then decide which walking services are best suited to them.

Dog Walking Information

We offer group and solo walks to suit all dog's needs. These services include:
  • Collection and drop off (this takes place outside of the walking times listed below).
  • Towel drying, feeding and refilling of water bowl (where required).
  • Friendly and safe environment away from traffic.
  • Varying locations where possible to ensure your pooches are mentally as well as physically stimulated.

NOTE: We do not allow male dogs who are  not castrated over the age of 9 months or bitches who are not spayed and in season to be walked in groups.

Group Dog Walks

As dogs are pack animals this is a fantastic way for them to socialise and meet other furry friends.

  • Maximum of 4 dogs per walk
  • On and off lead walks (providing we have obtained advanced approval from yourselves)
  • Great way for puppies to improve social skills and experience new environments

Times may vary daily depending on the number of dogs etc however we try our best to stick as close to your preferred times where possible.

Solo Dog Walks

We offer one on one walks which can be tailored to suit your dog's individual needs.

  • Useful for dogs which have a medical condition and/or are elderly
  • Well suited to dogs who may not be as well socialised or have behavioural issues
  • Dogs have our undivided attention

Please note times can be organised to suit individual requirements however they do generally work around the group walks.

Our Services

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Cat Visits

Going away can be a stressful event for your cat, especially if they are being uprooted to a cattery. We can eliminate this stress by taking care of your feline friend/s in the comfort of their own home.

Visits can be tailored to your cat but will generally include:

• Cleaning of litter tray

• Letting cat out/in (If required)

• Feeding

• Playing

• Cuddling (if you’re pet wants us to)

We can also send you an update via text to let you know how they are getting on.

Puppy/Kitten Visits

We know it can be an unnerving time when you first leave your pet however we can alleviate this worry by visiting them at your home.

Visits can be tailored to your pet but will generally include:

• Toileting

• Cleaning of litter tray and/or any accidents

• Feeding

• Playing

• Cuddling (if you’re pet wants us to)

The 1 hour visit can also include training if desired such as practicing walking on the lead and recall.

Small Pet Visits

We also provide a service for small pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters. Visits can be tailored to your pet however they will generally include:

• Cleaning and replenishing the cages

• Feeding

• Playing

• Cuddling (if you’re pet wants us to)

We can also send you an update via text to let you know how they are getting on.

Additional Services

We offer the following services for any home visits where you are going away:

• Taking bins out

• Opening and closing of curtains

• Watering of plants

• Turning on/off of lights

• Gathering post and placing in a secure location

We are also happy to administer any medication which your pet may need to take.

Struggling to get to the vets or transport your pet?

We also offer a Pet Taxi service and a competitive rate. Please contact us to discuss.