About Me


My name is Mellissa and I run Muddy Tails.

My love for animals has been a life long passion which started from an early age. This was due to always having pets which were loved and treated as part of the family. I remember being comforted by my cat Molly when I was upset and being welcomed by my dog Jake when I came back from school.

My Pets

As soon as I was able to own my own home I couldn't wait to have pets. My fiancé and I decided cats were the best option due to work commitments and lifestyle and so we brought home two super cute brothers; Tyler and Dex.

We later acquired Bella (a slightly older feline) who decided she wanted to live with us having seen how well the boys were looked after!

Time For A Change

After university I worked in the clothing industry however I realised I really wanted to work with animals . I began volunteering at the RSPCA Leeds and Wakefield branch, walking dogs and socialising with the cats . It was such a rewarding thing to do and gave me experience with a variety of breeds and temperament’s which then allowed me to apply for a job working with animals.

Learning New Skills

From there I took on a role as a dog walker and dog day care assistant which gave me the confidence and skills required to enable me to set up my own business. To help me get off on the right foot I did a pet first aid course which covered areas such as CPR, dressing wounds and burns.

Happy Pets Happy Me!

I absolutely love my job and take pride in treating your pet as if they are my own (I may even find it hard to hand them back!). The same as you, I want what is best for each individual animal and will therefore put their needs first in every situation to ensure they have the best possible time and are stress free, healthy and happy!